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Canadian-Made BBQs are not Extinct!

The Napoleon Prestige series and the Ultrachef series of barbeques are
proudly made in Canada by our friends at the Napoleon factory in
Barrie, Ontario.   Napoleon is one of the last high-end grill manufacturers
to continue to make bbqs in Canada despite the trend to produce off-shore.

We feature the Canadian-made series of Napoleon grills in our showroom
in response to our huge customer demand for products that are made in
Canada.   We understand that this has become an important issue recently
and we are happy to help you with any questions you have about purchasing
a new bbq in today's market.

When you spend your hard-earned money on a bbq, you expect that parts
and service will be available in the future should you require them. 
Unfortunately for many consumers, this has not been the case if they made
their purchase from a big box store.  For those types of bbqs, usually the
only choice customers have to get parts is to phone the 1-800# to somewhere
offshore and hope they get a human on the other end that can help them
out after they've been on hold for an unreasonable length of

This is where you will find the difference when you invest in a Canadian-made
Napoleon grill.  If you need help, you can phone Gasland and speak to
technicians on staff who have assembled and serviced hundreds of Napoleons.
Or you can call the factory in Ontario and speak to their highly qualified customer
care team.  Either way you will be up and running in no time. At Gasland we have a huge
parts inventory and in most cases if you need something for your Napoleon we
will have it for you in the store.  We also offer an onsite labour warranty
policy as an option when you purchase a new grill from us - something that is
unique in the bbq industry.  Ask us for further details.

Note that Napoleon does have some series of grills that are made in China
that you will likely find at a box store.  Be a wise consumer - check both
the box and the labelling on the product you are purchasing if you want
to ensure the origins of your new piece of equipment. 

We also carry Canadian-made Broil King grills and have them on display in
our showroom.

Gasland Ad - Are Canadian Made BBQs Extinct? (pdf)

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